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Clean water starts with you: a message from Mark Ruffalo



Clear choices, clean water.


Eagles in Our Region



Green Lodging Partnership


The Green Lodging Partnership allows guests at participating hotels to contribute to the Conservancy with every reservation and help protect the beautiful lands, pristine waters, and outdoor recreational opportunities that make the Upper Delaware River region special.

conservancy scholarship

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy/Yeaman Scholarship and the Vanessa Van Gorder Memorial Scholarship are awarded annually to students pursuing a field in environmental studies or education in college. The scholarships are open to students in school districts bordering the Upper Delaware River in NY and PA (click for details). Applications are due every April, with announcements made the following June.




Shop Local Save Land in PA and NY

Farm and Forest provider guidesShop Local Save Land connects us to local farm and forest products to support working lands and promote sustainable local economies. Search our easy-to-use database to find local Farms and Farm Markets and Wood Products, Professionals, and Resources. is a one-source outlet for hiking trails and public lands in Sullivan County, NY with easy-to-read, easy-to-access maps and facilities information and guides to hiking safety, plus information about shops, lodgings, and attractions. connects you with it all.

Women and Their Woods


Women and Their Woods is a dynamic and fun program that teaches women to effectively care for their lands. It emphasizes conservation stewardship and the value of intact forestlands, instilling in women landowners a sense of confidence in their abilities to meet the challenges of forestland ownership.



Eagle Watch Bus Tour

Learn about eagles and their habitat!

Sat, Jan. 28, 2017 – 10:00am

Upper Delaware Visitor Center - Lackawaxen, PA

      Love Where You Live


I care because I'm proud of where I live. Spending an afternoon observing bald eagles, hiking in the woods, or floating down the river recharges me. I want to be able to continue sharing these experiences with people that don't realize the beauty of this area.


-Shanna Kenny, Volunteer


Red efts

These red efts on the forest floor are in an exciting life stage, where they will remain for about five years until they re-grow their gills to live their adult life as aquatic salamanders. These little guys are great at controlling the mosquito population and excellent indicators of a healthy ecosystem.


Photo by Natasza Fontaine.


Bog moss

Wetlands provide a multitude of benefits, including flood and stormwater control, surface and groundwater protection, and fish and wildlife habitat. This spongy, green spaghnum moss can hold up to 20 times its own dry weight in water!


Photo by Natasza Fontaine.

The Fitzpatrick family


As a kid I remember losing myself in the sacred places of Pike County, PA. Covered in mud, wet to the waist in the river, a stream or a pond, burned by the sun, those were the happiest days of my life, and they were the days that formed my character. In my lifetime I have seen some of those sacred places desecrated. I support the Conservancy to keep some of our places sacred for my children.


- Keith Fitzpatrick, Owner,

  Keith Fitzpatrick Custom Carpentry



Freshwater mussels

As Mary Walsh of the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program explains, "Burrowing in the sand and rock bottoms of rivers and lakes, freshwater mussels often go unnoticed. Although they receive little public recognition for their efforts, the shelled critters quietly spend their lives consuming particles from our waters, making them clearer and cleaner. One species, the eastern elliptio, is estimated to filter 9.8 billion liters of water per hour in the Delaware River.”

Joel Murphy


Standing on the lip of the Upper Delaware, on a Sunday, with little or no traffic going by, when the weather is 5 above, and the wind is blowing down River, and a mature eagle lights in a tree across from the blind to pose for a 45 minute study; it’s spiritual, it’s like being in church, it’s a magnificent experience!


- Joel Murphy, Volunteer




Kestrels are the smallest falcons in North America--and they have ultraviolet vision which gives them an extra advantage when hunting prey such as voles, insects, and shrews.


Photo by Steve Sachs.

Nicole Slevin


My family couldn't be luckier to live in Sullivan County right now. I'm thrilled to be a member of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors and an active volunteer for Eagle Watch. Sharing the existence of the beautiful bald eagles that reside and visit here with locals and visitors is really quite Zen-like.


- Nicole Slevin, Volunteer


As my kayak hits the Lackawaxen and Delaware rivers each spring, I am reminded of nature's beauty and why I love living in this region of northeast Pennsylvania. Each time my boat passes a bald eagle nest or a screeching great blue heron, I appreciate the opportunity to recreate in such peaceful waters.


-Katie Lester, PPL Lake Wallenpaupack

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