Eagle Watching

Eagle Watching

Learn where, when and how.

Eagles In Our Region

Learn where to see and how to be with eagles in our region.

How did the eagles return?



Eagle Watch Volunteer Training

Lackawaxen Inn, 188 Scenic Drive, Lackawaxen, PA

Sat, Dec. 03, 2016 – 9:00am

The Lackawaxen Inn

Why I Care

  “Standing on the lip of the Upper Delaware, on a Sunday, with little or no traffic going by, when the weather is 5 above, and the wind is blowing down River, and a mature eagle lights in a tree across from the blind to pose for a 45 minute study; it’s spiritual, it’s like being in church, it’s a magnificent experience!”   -- Joel Murphy, Eagle Monitoring Site Volunteer
“I was never so awestruck as when I saw a pair of eagles cuddling on a branch, with one of our high power scopes. Just amazing to see American bald eagles behaving intimately in their own natural environment.”   -- Linda Lou Bartle, Eagle Monitoring Site Volunteer        
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