Eagles in Our Region

eagle with snow on beak

Wintering Eagles »

In winter, eagles are here in our region; they are active and out and about. Learn where and how best to view eagles.

eagle and eaglet

Breeding Eagles »

Take a moment to learn about breeding eagles. And remember, like people, breeding eagles and their young need healthy lands, clean waters, and a safe environment to survive and thrive.

eagle in flight

Eagle Habitat »

Caring for the forests and waters of our region means eagles can live and thrive here. It's no different for people. If we respect and protect our lands and waters, they will sustain eagles—and all of us—now and for future generations.

Explore the Conservancy website to see the many ways you can directly help protect the lands and waters that sustain eagles and people. Private landowners, visit Landowner Corner »

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Eagle Watching »

There are several options for watching eagles in our region. You may conduct your own tour by following our important guidelines. Or join a guided tour during January and February.

eagle guarding eaglet


Where do eagles nest? Nesting activity begins as early as February when eagles search for territory and begin construction or renovation of existing nests.

The female can lay one to three eggs; incubation lasts for 35 days.