Process to Protect Your Land

1. Contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy


2. Delaware Highlands Conservancy reviews the property with landowner

  • Understand owners’ goals
  • Tour property with owner
  • Compare goals and  property to Conservancy’s criteria to meet Board of Directors approval to accept a conservation easement on the property


3. Create Conservation Easement

  • Work with landowner to draft easement terms
  • Conservancy and landowner complete due diligence and landowner consults personal legal and financial advisors
  • Sign and record final conservation easement document
  • Landowner contributes a tax-deductible donation to the Stewardship and Legal Defense Fund


4. Document and Monitor Conserved Land

  • Conservancy completes Baseline Documentation Report
  • Annual monitoring by Conservancy
Milford Experimental Forest

I do like nothing better than to get my hands into good, rich soil and sow the seeds of hope.

Will Allen
Urban farmer & retired basketball player