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Annual property visits allow the Conservancy to uphold the terms of the conservation easement for each property.

These visits allow the Conservancy to determine whether the conservation values outlined in the conservation easement are intact. In addition, the visit is a fundamental part of relationship building between the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, its members, and landowners.


Please help the Conservancy prepare for our annual property visits by completing the below survey.

Monitoring Form


Special note for 2021: Landowners are welcome to attend annual visits, but due to COVID-19 the Conservancy can conduct no-contact annual visits if preferred.


In the last year, has the protected property been affected by any of the following:


Have you noticed any of the following affecting wetlands or waterways on the property?



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Nicole DeCarolis
Stewardship Associate

PA: 570-226-3164 x4
NY: 845-583-1010 x4

Dwarftskill Preserve

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