Fury Friends
Fury Friends

A Protected Place for Our “Furry Friends”


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natural habitat


Twenty-two acres in the Pike County region are now protected by a conservation easement thanks to the gracious donation of Mrs. Susan Bradley Hartney, who inherited the land from her father, D. Cameron Bradley (1916-1979).

Mr. Bradley was employed by the Beard family, the owners of the property prior to Susan’s family. Susan described her father as an animal lover who was sought after for such things as animal identification and lectures. On one occasion while living in Iowa, Mr. Bradley even donated a Python named Dewey to the local zoo. Susan made her gracious donation of land as a means to keep a home for our “furry friends.” Donating the land helped her keep a piece of land wild and natural for local wildlife.

Fury FriendsSusan is a former resident of the area, currently living in the Florida Keys with her husband. After locating the Conservancy on the web, she decided to donate this piece of land in memory of her father.

The Conservancy was given the right to sell a small home on the corner of the grounds. The donation and the sale not only helped protect land for generations to come but also helped us here. Because of Susan’s generosity we can acquire more land in the future that can also stay unspoiled and help to provide habitats for wildlife.

A plaque was mounted on the property in memory of D. Cameron Bradley.