A Wildlife Sanctuary in South Canaan Meadows


natural habitat

Helen and Walter Hauck bought their Wayne County land in the mid 1980s because of its wildlife and varied habitats. Their 38-acre farm includes a forest, a sparkling stream and pond, a diverse number of plants and animals, and, most important to Helen, many species of birds.

Over the years, the Haucks have accomplished much to improve their beautiful land. Throughout the last decade they have restored the small barn and planted hundreds of trees for wildlife habitat improvement. They knew they wanted to protect the beauty of this land and the many wildlife habitats found there, so they approached Delaware Highlands Conservancy to learn about their options.

To ensure its future as a wildlife sanctuary, Helen and Walter signed a perpetual land preservation agreement called a conservation easement that will protect the future of their 38-acre farm. According to the easement, subdivision and residential/commercial development of the land is now prohibited. And now it is the Conservancy’s responsibility to ensure that the easement continues to protect the habitats no matter who owns the land in the future.

The indigenous wildlife, especially the birds, will be able to coexist on the Hauck’s meadows, forest and wetlands. Helen is an avid birder who spends a great deal of her time admiring the beauty of her land and wildlife. Now she is especially pleased to know that the birds she loves will always be able to find food and shelter on her land. However, the couple’s greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that their decision to protect the property with a conservation easement will ensure that future generations can enjoy its beauty much as the Haucks do now.