visitors give back

July 27, 2014

Visitors Give Back

Visitors to our region recognize how special it is, and have contributed over $8,500 to ensure its protection.

Bob Kiesendahl, one of the owners of Woodloch Pines Resort, presents a check to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy for donations collected through participation in the Green Lodging Partnership program. The small $2-per-stay donations add up fast, as visitors welcome the opportunity to invest in the future of the Upper Delaware River Region.

The Kiesendahl family has owned Woodloch Resort for multiple generations, and many of their guests who originally visited as children now bring their own children and grandchildren to the beautiful property. Through the Green Lodging Partnership, these families now have the opportunity to help ensure that the scenic beauty, pristine waters, and outdoor recreational opportunities they enjoy throughout our region will be here for them every time they visit in the future. The wide participation in the program means that each $2 donation adds up to a significant investment in a sustainable future we can all be proud of.

The Conservancy worked with members of Woodloch’s staff on the planning committee for the Green Lodging Partnership, and accepts this check today with sincere gratitude for all that Woodloch Resort, the Kiesendahl family, their staff and guests have done and continue to do for the Upper Delaware River region as responsible stewards of the land.

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Photo above, from left: Bethany Keene, Outreach Coordinator, Delaware Highlands Conservancy; Tess Murray, Front Desk Manager, Woodloch Resort; Sue Currier, Executive Director, Delaware Highlands Conservancy; and Bob Kiesendahl, Owner, Woodloch Resort.