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April 17, 2012

A Gift to the Eagles

Will you join with us in one of the largest conservation initiatives in American history?

The William Penn Foundation has just announced a $35 million dollar multi-year initiative to protect and restore critical sources of drinking water for 15 million people.

This is very, very good news.

It also means that the situation has become quite serious.

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy, as a leading conservation organization, has been selected to receive some initial funding from this grant for land protection.

Because we are located at the headwaters of the Delaware River, it is critical that we take full advantage of their multi-year investment. To do so, we need to hire additional staff and demonstrate community support in the form of matching funds.

Our community, our local economy, and the quality of life we enjoy are dependent upon our ability to protect our water.

We need your financial support right now more than ever. A strong financial commitment from our community will demonstrate to the William Penn Foundation how serious we are about keeping the Delaware River clean.

For those of you able to help at this time, please consider joining me in making a financial donation to the Conservancy. We promise to work as hard as we can to ensure that our beautiful river stays healthy for generations to come


Scott Van Gorder
Board of Directors