Comment to PSC on Cumulative Pipeline Impacts

September 6, 2012

Subsequent Filing – Case Number 11-T-0401 : Msg. Tracking No.: 18


September 6, 2012

Dear Judge Casutto,

Per your request, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, currently party in this proceeding, would like to submit the following comment (also attached) regarding the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s recent filing. Please advise if further information is needed.

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy is an accredited not-for-profit land trust, and our primary mission is the protection of land, water, and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region. Therefore, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy supports rigorous efforts by appropriate government regulatory agencies to develop a framework for cumulative impact analysis that accounts for cumulative impacts from pipeline construction. Government agencies charged with protecting and advocating for the public good with relation to energy and land use should assure that the cumulative impacts from pipeline construction and infrastructure are fully understood and taken into account in their decision-making.


Amanda Subjin

Stewardship Coordinator

Delaware Highlands Conservancy