A Land Protection Milestone


natural habitat

With the addition of a land protection agreement on Sigrid Wilshinsky’s 57-acre property in Wayne County in 2006, the Conservancy reached an important milestone and held conservation easements on more than 5,000-acres—a number that eventually doubled and continues to increase.

Sigrid had some important goals for this property. Animal and wildlife protection are very important to her, and her land, which includes forested areas, meadows, and a pond, is perfectly suited for a wide variety of animals. Birds, deer, and bears can often be seen roaming her property. The conservation easement on the property will ensure the perpetual safekeeping of this diverse wildlife habitat.

Under the terms of the easement, future landowners will be held to the same stewardship standards that she practices. The wildlife that frequents her property is now guaranteed a place to live for years to come. For the Conservancy, Sigrid’s easement was also an important benchmark in our conservation efforts. At this time in 2006, we had helped protect a total of over 7,000-acres in the Upper Delaware River Region (and were responsible for monitoring and enforcing the easements on 5,000-of those acres).

We thank Sigrid for her stewardship, and for planning for the future protection of her land by donating an easement on her property. With each new property protected, we are taking steps to protect our region’s scenic, rural character and wildlife habitat for future generations.