Why do I love where I live?

“Where else can you take a drive and be surrounded by a beautiful river, wonderful waterfalls and a place on any given day you can see bald eagles, osprey, black bear, hawks, and a wide variety of birds? I choose to volunteer for the Conservancy because of the rewards it offers me. Where else can retired state troopers, correction officers, social workers, teachers, housewives, hunters, non-hunters, fishermen, etc. share their love of eagles? We come from different political views but agree on one thing: Eagles.

When someone comes back to a viewing site to thank you for sharing your insight into eagles and what they have just witnessed, it is worth enduring the weather. My favorite quote is from my grandson. A couple of years ago I took him with me while I volunteered. It was a slow day with only a few eagle sightings. On the way home I asked him about the day and he said ‘Grandpa, I can’t wait to go tell my friends that I had a bald eagle soar over me.’ That’s why I volunteer.”

Paul Gamer

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